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Uniting musicians, changemakers, nonprofits, and businesses to co-create solutions for the most pressing problems in our country.

Addiction Recovery

The music industry is disproportionately impacted by addiction, from artists to crew members to fans. We are ending the stigma by supporting a more inclusive music industry. That looks like sober spaces at concerts and festivals, connecting people in recovery at shows, giving allies a game plan to support their loved ones, and sharing stories that destigmatize recovery.

1 Million Strong

A campaign to support 1 million people in addiction recovery. Together with the music industry and The Phoenix, we are taking action to transform the way people think about addiction by promoting experiences that allow sober fans to enjoy shows, ensuring touring musicians and crews have access to support on the road, and engaging in conversations about sobriety that are free of shame and stigma. 1 Million Strong is for both those in recovery and those in support of recovery. Visit to learn more.

Work Together

Criminal Justice

Contact with the system often leads to a perpetual cycle of incarceration and recidivism. We intend to break that cycle and help people reach their potential by leveraging the music industry’s reach and resources to promote reentry education programs, build new talent pipelines, invest in justice-involved youth, and support advocacy initiatives.

Juvenile Justice

Café Momentum is a nationally recognized nonprofit restaurant that breaks the cycle of incarceration through a transformative experience: a paid internship program designed to provide 12 months of curriculum for justice-involved youth ages 15-19. Of those who completed the program, 100% were enrolled in high school, had graduated, or achieved their GED, and 77% voluntarily receive counseling. Café Momentum knows young people can reach their full potential with the proper support and care, so how can the industry get involved?

  • Use your reach and resources to support efforts for Café Momentum in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Create opportunities to expose students to industry career paths in Dallas, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Consider Café Momentum graduates for internships and full-time opportunities to grow your teams.
Criminal Justice

Wrongful Conviction Podcast

As a music industry executive, Jason Flom has used his reach on the Wrongful Conviction Podcast to inspire bottom-up advocacy in criminal justice cases. The podcast has been credited with influencing exonerations, clemencies, pardons, and legislation, including:

  • Legislation reform in Illinois making it against the law to use deception during interrogation.
  • Legislation reform in Indiana leading to a new law allowing exonerated individuals to sue for compensation.
  • Indefinite stay of execution for Rodney Reed amidst mounting evidence of prosecutorial misconduct and innocence.
  • Grant of clemency hours before the execution of Julius Jones catalyzed by a groundswell of public support and strong evidence that another man committed the crime.
Criminal Justice

Bone Valley Podcast

Bone Valley is a groundbreaking 9-episode true crime podcast from Lava For Good and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King. It’s a chilling story of murder and the miscarriage of justice. Bone Valley chronicles the case of Leo Schofield, who was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife, Michelle, and sentenced to life in prison despite his professions of innocence.

  • Bone Valley unearthed new evidence in the case, exposing the catastrophic flaws in the American criminal justice system that prioritize convictions over justice.
  • The podcast helped shine the national spotlight on Schofield’s case when the series and his story were the subject of a special episode of ABC’s 20/20.
  • Bone Valley won the 2023 Ambie Award for Best Documentary Podcast, while hosts Gilbert King and Kelsey Decker took home the award for Best Reporting.
  • In May 2023, Leo Schofield was transferred to the Everglades Re-Entry Center, designed to prepare prisoners under life sentences for reentry into society, with his case set for review in 12 months.
Criminal Justice
Work Together


Every person has unique learning styles and gifts. For many diverse and forward-thinking artists, producers, and crew members, traditional education feels limiting. We intend to expand the options, making learning impactful and accessible for all. That looks like supporting alternative paths to education, creating hands-on experiences, and connecting people to opportunities.

Education for All

All students deserve an education suited to their unique learning style allowing them the opportunity to discover how their passions and gifts can be used. Standard doesn’t work for everyone, so we’re challenging the status quo, breaking down barriers to access, and ultimately restoring a student-centric approach to learning. Los Angeles Academy for Music Production (LAAMP) is creating a new educational path to success in the industry with their one-year music program that allows students to make music every day with world-class mentors. Through Stand Together Music’s partnership with LAAMP, they will reach more students through their online and mobile programs and will also be offering scholarships to talented students who otherwise would not be able to foot the bill. Together, we can enable diversity to flourish in the industry, no degrees needed – talent and passion only.

Work Together

Ending the War on Drugs

The failed War on Drugs generated glaring racial injustice. Our industry sparks change through its influential and collaborative nature. Our desire is for the music industry to become a leader in the movement for decriminalization and successful reentry for those unjustly affected by The War on Drugs.

Advocating for Change

Ending the War on Drugs means eliminating unnecessary criminalization and severe penalties. It also means helping those who have suffered under its influence seek productive and rewarding reentry into their communities. The music industry is uniquely positioned to help those unjustly affected by The War on Drugs through collaborative advocacy efforts. Stand Together Music recently supported artist Aloe Blacc in the production of the music video for his song "Free" to build empathy and give voice to those who have been affected firsthand by the War on Drugs. “Because of the failed War on Drugs, far too many are serving lengthy sentences for low-level, nonviolent drug crimes. We can change this. We can reunite families torn apart and restore justice to our system. And people need to know about it.” – Aloe Blacc

Exploring the History and Damage

Stand Together Music believes the best way to change perceptions around the War on Drugs is to create a better understanding of how these laws affect people. This is why Stand Together, in collaboration with Lava for Good, launched a new podcast to explore the history and severe consequences of the War on Drugs. On each episode, influential and expert voices discuss a range of topics from racial profiling, unnecessary arrests, and lives lost.

Ending the War on Drugs
Work Together

Free Speech and Peace

Self-expression makes music possible. It is an outlet and a platform. With a storied history of fighting against censorship, courageous artists show what's possible when free speech is defended - for all artists, for all people. We intend to give voice to the movements that inspire, transform, and drive changes in our communities and in our country.

Artistic Expression

Music is about finding your voice and sharing it to help others understand their own feelings and experiences, giving a voice to the voiceless. It is critical artists are free to express themselves. We have seen what it looks like to try and silence artists. We’ve also seen them fight back. We seek to create collaboration and solutions through open conversation, not division. We support partners, like FIRE, who protect free speech, identify common ground, and build on it. Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine, recently teamed up with FIRE and SPIN. Watch him discuss how RATM has made a career of speaking out about the issues they care about and this important right he plans to preserve for generations to come.

Read legendary rapper Ice-T’s thoughts on free speech and artistic expression.
Free Speech and Peace
Work Together

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